How to Create a High Performance Customer Service Leadership Team

To be successful a customer service focused organization must have effective leadership. Too often

the people are promoted into leadership roles because of their technical expertise and/or tenure with

the organization. What’s often overlooked is whether the individual has the ability/talent to lead.

Leading is about building and maintaining relationships. "employment opportunities"

1. An organization must align the employees’ efforts with the organizational goals, initiatives, and

service delivery requirements.
 Productivity must be measured by results versus tasks. The expected

results must be communicated up front to help employees focus their energy on activities that will help

meet or exceed those goals.

2. Start by defining what the organization needs from its leaders (skills, competencies, level of

business acumen).

Assess if the organization has what is needed in the right areas (do you have the right people in the

right jobs, right now.)

4. Gauge an individual’s desire to be a leader. If the manager doesn’t like being in a leadership role,

then he/she is most likely to be disengaged therefore cultivating disengagement within their own group.

5. Once the gaps have been identified (by comparing organization needs to current leaders’ skills,

competencies, etc.
). Ask: Can the gap be taught or is it a talent issue? Talent is a person’s natural gifts; we’re

born with them. Skill is the ability to take knowledge and willingly turn it into performance (results). There is no

quick fix to overcoming many of the leadership gaps. Leadership growth and development must be nurtured


6. Develop a plan for addressing the skill gaps within the leadership team.
 Skills may be developed using

ongoing training and practical application of the newly acquired knowledge.



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