How to Prepare for Interview Questions Thoroughly

Preparation and instructions help immensely at interviews. Follow these simple guidelines and be on the road to success.

Method 1 of 2: Preparation Beforehand
1. There are two types of questions that are asked. First specific questions about the job to see if you have the skills to do the job. Second 'Human Resource" questions that are designed to see if you have the right personality to fit on the team. You have to be good at both types of questions to be able to get the job.
2. Some "Human Resource" questions are: How do you work on a team? Can you work alone? (I work well on a team and I can work alone when I have to.) Where do you see yourself ten years from now? (I see myself doing the same job and maybe moving up a little in position and becoming more "Senior") Why are you changing jobs? (I have learned a lot in my current position and I would like to work for a firm with more challenge and more responsibility). What salary are you looking for? (If you mention an amount it looks bad unless you are grossly underpaid. I say, "I am open.") What don't you like about your current position? (Don't mention anything bad, say, "I am happy with my current position, the benefits and the pay, I was told about this position and on the "spur of the moment" decided to go in an interview). Tell me your weaknesses (If you are honest, they will not hire you. Rather tell them that you do not like when you are asked to figure out whom to lay-off or that the drive is too long).
3. Practice beforehand by studying your resume; make it as clear and provocative as you can. Look through it for any add-ons or tweaks that you would like to fit in before you will be put to hand it in. Read through it a few times so you are familiar with what your resume reads off. Have a family member or friend read it out loud so they can spot errors, instead of having your interviewer find the mistake.
4. Practice answering a few questions by playing the interviewer game! All you need is at least 4 friends or family members and a list of different interview questions (at least 5 questions per person). Have your friend/family members ask you questions, each using their own way of expressing it to you. They will have fun, so will you, and you get to practice for your interview!
5. Do this every day about a week into your interview so that you get the feel of being interviewed. This simple exercise helps your nerves calm down because you have a better knowledge of what to expect, and you sound polished up and ready once the big day hits.
6. The day before your interview, go shopping. Now, you don't need to spend loads of money, but you need to look presentable. Women: A simple black or grey pantsuit with an elegant blouse under topped off with a stylish sweater and heels. Men: Go with a suit. No need for the tux to come out from behind the closet, but the pants sure can. Use an elegant shirt and some dressy shoes. Your hair, and yourself, should smell good. Do you get nervous the day before? Grandma's tip: Get about a cup of 2% milk and pour it in a cooking pan. Set your stove on medium and let it stir for about 2 minutes, or until it's warm. Put in some powdered chocolate and add about 2-3 tiny marshmallows. The milk helps to cool down your nerves while you eat a sweet treat. You should also get your rest. Go to bed at approximately 9:30 so you will be well rested. Remember to wear perfume/cologne to smell good. Your appearance counts, sometimes as much as your smarts. If you feel great, you are most likely to better answer interviews.
Method 2 of 2: At the Interview
1. Calm down; remind yourself that you have come prepared and that you look great. Before entering the interview room, make sure that you are relaxed, comfortable, confident, and, definitely, focused. Drink about an inch tall of ice cold water to let something go through yourself before the interview. Make sure you don't drink more than needed and you get a potty break right before the 'view. Put some chap stick for dry, cracked, peeled lips and smile.
2. Stop! Before you walk in there, make sure that your phone is OFF, even a vibrating phone attracts attention where it's not needed (or wanted). Make sure everything is ready and set for your 'view. Your entrance is important, also, so walk in with poise: smile and look confident.
3. When a hard question pops up, be able to go through the files in your mind. Acknowledge the difficulty. Repeat over something such as: "That was a difficult question. However, I would like to provide you with an accurate answer, so I will have to think about that for a minute." Let off a small smile at the end and go back to searching: Take your time, but don't take hours to answer the simplest question. And do not repeat over again and again through simple questions. Take your time through everything.
4. Honesty looks awesome on anyone, especially when part of the test is on honesty/loyalty. Calm down and take time to answer questions honestly, but let the metaphoric light shine on you in a good way. Answer questions with honestly, poise, smiles, pauses, and you might just be on your way back there tomorrow!
5. Think on all questions; tricky or not. Make sure you are giving your body enough time to process all the questions. Think about them and never let one slide. Before you say something stupid, think about whether it would ruin or revive your reputation.
6. Pick the best answer. Let's say, for argument's sake, that the interviewer asks, "Why should we give you this employment opportunity, out of curiosity?" You know you have about three answers to that. Answer Choice One: because I need food to eat and shelter above my dang head! Answer Choice Two: Because this is what I love to do. Answer Choice Three: You and your company should give me this opportunity (noticed how I rephrased the question?) because I can bring in new ideas to this company. I have the creativity and thoughts about making my job easier, neater, and, overall, smarter which benefits this company. You should also give me this opportunity because I deserve to be here and have had over [state the years; months] of training/experience. The best answer is irrevocably Answer Choice Three.
7. Always smile during your interview, not weird, but a comfortable homey smile. Do not let your interview shake you, it's part of the whole interview thing, it's a test! Keep your cool and answer thoroughly, try your best. Do not boast because you have practiced, there's never anything like the real thing. Maintain a professional, humble, and yourself attitude.


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