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Ms. Nheb MouyTeang


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2nd floor, SI Building, No 93, Preash Sihanuk, khnan Doun Penh, Phnom Penh.

Company Description

This company is a Recruitment Consultant Service in Cambodia, established in 2014 which HR Manager has experience with Japanese Recruitment and Manager Experience more than 10 years with Recruitment company, Construction company and Trading Company.
*** You can find the right job for FREE with our HR career consultants.
We also have own job web site in Cambodia.
We support to make your new career.
We support to push your business by human resources grow up .
We Support your Business growth up and achieve Company Goal.

Our Services:
- Recruitment Service
- HR Consultant
- Company Registration and Business license processing
- Bar-code Registration
- Staff Compliant with Ministry
- Other Service

**** The Best Recruitment Consultancy in Cambodia

Company Jobs

Job Title Location Closing Date
System Developer, $400-$600___Very Urgent Phnom Penh;  May-09-2019
Procurement Specialist Urgent 650-750$ ___Very Urgent Phnom Penh;  May-09-2019
HR/Admin Manager $1,000-$1,500__Very Urgent Kampong Speu;  Phnom Penh;  Apr-26-2019
Customer Service in Chinese speaking Very Urgent 600-800$ Phnom Penh;  May-09-2019
Tax-Accountant ( Very Urgent ) $600-$800 Phnom Penh;  Apr-26-2019
Accounting Manager, $ 800-$ 1000___Very Urgent Phnom Penh;  May-09-2019
HRA Supervisor $500-$1,000__Very Urgent Phnom Penh;  May-09-2019
HR & Admin Executive, $300-$800___Very Urgent Phnom Penh;  May-09-2019
Construction Project Manager (Expat), Chinese and Malays, 3.5K up (Location Preah Sihanouk;)__Very Urgent Preah Sihanouk;  May-03-2019
Construction Project Manager (Expat), Chinese and Malays, 3.5K up (Location Preah Sihanouk;)__Very Urgent Preah Sihanouk;  May-05-2019
Sales Representative, $250-$350___Urgently Preah Sihanouk;  May-09-2019
Senior PHP Programmer $300-$1,000____Very Urgent Phnom Penh;  Apr-26-2019
System Engineer Manager $700-$1,500___Very Urgent Phnom Penh;  May-09-2019
Supply Planner $250-$400 (PPSEZ) ____Very Urgent Phnom Penh;  May-09-2019
ប្រធានផ្នែករដ្ឋបាល $400-$500__Very Urgent Kandal;  Phnom Penh;  Apr-26-2019
Procurement Officer 500$-800$___Very Urgent Phnom Penh;  May-09-2019
អ្នកតាមដានប្រព័ន្ធ GPS $200-$300 Phnom Penh;  Apr-26-2019
Security Manager $800-$1,500___Very Urgent Phnom Penh;  Apr-27-2019
Actuarial Manager $1,600___Urgently Phnom Penh;  May-09-2019
HR Manager $500-$700___Very Urgent Phnom Penh;  May-09-2019
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