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Building #40D, Street 352, Sangkat Beong Keng Kang 1, Khan Chamkarmorn, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


EBM Cambodia, known as the Employee Benefits Management, is one of the leading and longest running human resource service provider company in Cambodia that has been active in her field since the year 2007. Our mission is to help our clients maximize their core business and to focus on what matters most, so we help our clients reduce their complex administration and time consuming processes of staffing into smarter, faster and cost effective solutions – our services are designed to link the gap between employers and employees with the aim to successfully match both parties for an exciting solution.

For company clients we aim to become an extension of your business and gain a thorough understanding of your organizations environment, people and culture, to better assist you in the resolution of staffing issues. Our personalized process saves time, promotes growth, reduces onboarding, and ensures that when we present our shortlist for interview with the client representative, we are providing the best candidates for the job.

For job seekers we don’t simply wish to help you find a job for the short-term but rather a job that will contribute to your long-term career development and at the same time we wish to be your adviser as your career develops. We will endeavour to find you the types of roles in the kind of companies that match your skills, experience and future plans.


职位名称 工作地点 截止日期
Sales (Urgent) 200$ 金边市;  Feb-02-2017
Sales Representative 150-250$ 金边市;  Feb-02-2017
Graphic Design 200-300$ 金边市;  Feb-08-2017
Technician (250$-350$) 金边市;  Feb-02-2017
Sale​ and Marketing Manager (450$-650$) 金边市;  Feb-02-2017
Logistic Officer 300-400$ 金边市;  Feb-09-2017
Finance & Treasury Services Manager 金边市;  Feb-02-2017
Sales Outdoor (Chinese) 金边市;  Feb-02-2017
Sale Executive (170$-250$) 金边市;  Feb-02-2017
Sales Representative (200$-280$) 金边市;  Feb-02-2017
Property Manager (1Kup) 金边市;  Feb-02-2017
Senior Sales Engineer (700$up) 金边市;  Feb-02-2017
Project Manager- Site(700$) 金边市;  Feb-02-2017
Sales Manager (Up to 2K) 金边市;  Feb-02-2017
Accounting Officer (300$) 金边市;  Feb-02-2017
Supporting Engineer (IT) 300-450$ 金边市;  Feb-02-2017
Tax and Assistant Accounting & Finance Manager (1K-1.6K) 金边市;  Feb-02-2017
AP and GL Accountant 金边市;  Feb-11-2017
Logistics Assistant 金边市;  Feb-10-2017
AP and GL Accountant (400$up) 金边市;  Feb-11-2017
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023 969 088 / 023 47 99099 / 023 47 99088

营业时间 : 周一~周五(8:00 am to 5:00 pm)

邮箱 : jobs@camhr.com