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Internal Audit Manager (Head Office-Banteay Meanchey)


TROP KHNHOM ទ្រព្យខ្ញុំ Micro Finance Plc.   


Private Limited Company


Banking & Finance




Banteay Meanchey




Full Time

Year of Exp.







Banking & Finance




Bachelor Degree




English-- Good   




Banteay Meanchey;

Publish Date


Closing Date


Job Description

  •Establishing appropriate policies and procedures to guide the use of internal audit within the Company;
•Preparing an annual risk-based audit work plan to set out the priorities of the IA Function, that are reflective of the Company objectives, concerns and priorities; integrated and coordinated with the corporate risk assessment and strategic planning process; inclusive of external audits of the Company financial statements reporting and controls; address concerns of the board (AC) and senior management;
•Providing an annual overview assurance report on the effectiveness and adequacy of risk management, control and governance processes;
•Conducting audits identified in the annual plan as approved by the AC with the resources allocated, ensuring the timely completion of internal auditing engagements;
•Ensuring that internal audit resources are appropriate, sufficient and effectively deployed to achieve the approved plan;
•Ensuring that reports on internal auditing engagements are provided to the AC in a timely fashion;
•Coordinating and reporting to the AC on the progress of implementation of management action plans in response to audit recommendations;
•Providing the secretariat’s support to the AC;
•Informing senior management without delay of any findings that indicate major concerns with respect to the management of programs or initiatives;
•Ensuring that professional internal auditing standards are followed; developing and maintaining a quality assurance and improvement program for the IA Function and monitoring its effectiveness on an ongoing basis;
•Reporting annually to the AC on the IA Function’s performance;
•Liaising with, coordinating and interpreting all auditing matters emanating from the AC;
•Promoting a management culture across the Company that reflects a systematic approach to risk assessment, management and control.

Job Requirements

  •Bachelor or MBA in education. CPA or ACCA affiliate/ member is preferred.
•Minimum 3 years experiences in auditing and at least 1 year in a management/ supervisory role. Experience in microfinance and banking is preferred.
•Have strong knowledge of banking and microfinance.
•Ability to work on own initiative, prioritize work, handle substantial pressure and take day-to-day decisions on the running of the company
•Knowledge and experience in using accounting software, Advanced Excel and other Microsoft office products
•Strong financial and business analytical skills
•Ability to work in longer and flexible hour
•Ability to communicate effectively in person or in writing with individuals and with a wide variety of organizations/ companies
•Ability to lead and to contribute to the team
•Must be able to adapt to new and different computer programs and software to enable efficient analysis

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Contact Information

Contact Person

Ms. Kong Marady


023 230 333/070 254 736




#445, Provincial Road #4, Sophy Village, Sangkat Kompong Svay, Sereisophon District, Banteay Meanchey,

Company Profile

Service hot line :

023 969 088 / 023 91 90 86 / 023 91 90 87 / 02391 90 89

Operating Hours : Mon-Fri (8:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Email :

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