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Housekeeping Supervisor




Private Limited Company


Sports & Recreation








Full Time

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Bachelor Degree




English-- Good   





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Job Description

  Develop standards for the proper care of buildings, furnishings and equipment. Prepare work schedules for
employees, ensuring equal distribution of workload. Allow adequate time for work to be completed and
provide flexibility so that unusually heavy activities in one area or another can be accommodated.
 Prepare and implement training plans for instructing new employees in the housekeeping department.
 Advise employees about their job performance. Discuss grievances, suggestions and complaints.
Recommend appropriate action.
 On a regular basis inspect the work of the housekeeping staff and check to see that the desired standards are
being maintained. Demonstrate proper methods of cleaning different surfaces, as well as preferred
procedures for waxing, sweeping, dusting, window washing and care of locker room facilities.
 Responsible for the inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment as well as linen and towels. Order or
requisition the necessary supplies and equipment and verify orders received.
 Oversees the repair and maintenance work orders based on housekeeping inspections
 Verifies the overall cleanliness of the entire operating facility
 To support the Executive Housekeeper in developing, implementing and monitoring policies and procedures
for each housekeeping activity required at the golf club aimed at ensuring the golf club remains clean and
tidy and is presented to the standard expected at all times.
 To ensure all housekeeping activities follow all relevant health and safety guidelines related to the use if
equipment or cleaning chemicals.
 To assist in developing effective training strategies and session plans to ensure all housekeeping personnel
are capable of performing their tasks to the standard expected.
 Ensure all financial and human resource policies and procedures are implemented and followed by
housekeeping personnel.
 To monitor inventory levels reordering as appropriate to ensure sufficient stock is available at all times.
 Consolidate detailed cleaning and consumption data on a monthly and annual basis submitting reports to the
Executive Housekeeper as required.
 Record any maintenance issues related to the upkeep of golf club fixtures or fittings and report them to the
maintenance department for repair.
 Ensure all area of the clubhouse and golf club facilities are kept clean and tidy throughout the day.

 Ensure all furniture, fixtures and fittings in public areas are presented properly and in their correct position.
 To clean and replenish the consumable items in the washrooms at regular intervals throughout the day as
directed by the Executive Housekeeper.
 To complete all housekeeping tasks to the standard expected.
 To ensure all cleaning equipment and chemicals at left in discrete locations out of view of guests whenever
possible during operating hours.
 To store cleaning equipment and chemicals in their proper location adhering to all health and safety
 Support the golf club staff and operations by reacting to requests for housekeeping assistance in a timely
 Ensure all working areas are kept in a clean and tidy manner.
 Performs related duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

   Bachelor degree in Management or related field.
 English proficiency.
 Minimum 2-year experience in related field.
 Leadership skills.
 Good problem solving skills.
 Ability to work under high pressure and high responsibility.
*** Interested applicants should submit their CV and cover letter to Vattanac Golf using the contact below. Only
short-listed candidates will be contacted for interview. CV and application will not be returned.

Contact detail:
Address: Phum Russey Srok, Khum Chheu Teal, Srok Keansvay, Kandal Province.
Contact Person: Mam Thaknearthi Karey (Mr.)
HP:​​ 017 842 784 / 016 937 239/ 088 2088123

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Contact Information

Contact Person

Thikarey Mam(Mr.)


017 842 784 / 016 937 239/ 088 2088123




Phum Russey Srok, Khum Chherteal, Srok Keansvay, Kandal Province.

Company Profile

Service hot line :

023 969 088 / 023 91 90 86 / 023 91 90 87 / 02391 90 89

Operating Hours : Mon-Fri (8:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Email :

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