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Singapore Medical Centre (Cambodia) Co., Ltd   


Private Limited Company






Phnom Penh


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Full Time

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Bachelor Degree




English-- Good   




Phnom Penh;

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Job Description

  Report to: Radiology Manager

- Act independently in the assessment of referrals for x-ray examinations, taking full responsibility for the justification of general x-ray examinations in order to reduce unnecessary ionizing radiation exposure of the patient in accordance with IR(ME)R, following appropriate induction and assessment.
- Maintain a high level of expertise in the safe operation of x-ray equipment and manage faults effectively.
- Provide professional opinion to clinicians on the nature of a diagnostic image either verbally or using the “Red Dot” system (or Radiographer Commenting) to identify possible pathology – this may impact on patient management.
- Work as part of a team to ensure effective communication and delivery of care.
- Prioritize workload depending on severity of the patient’s condition and direct impact on their management.
- Liaise with fellow healthcare workers and referring clinicians to provide a high quality imaging service
to patients.
- Maintain accurate patient records by input of accurate information.
- Be actively involved in the training and assessment of student radiographers on clinical placement, providing direct supervision at all times. Maintain the required knowledge and skills to provide effective training, keeping up to date with current advances in technology and diagnostic techniques.

Job Requirements

  - Degree in Diagnostic Radiography / Imaging Sciences
- General radiographic experience unless newly qualified
- Ability to work as part of team
- Effective organizational skills
- Ability to communicate with staff at all levels of the organization.
- A positive attitude to flexible working to meet the contingencies of the department.

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Contact Information

Contact Person

HR Department





Level 3A, The Bridge, Village No 14, National Assembly Street, Tonle Bassac Commune, Chamkarmorn District, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Company Profile

Singapore Medical Centre (SGMC) Cambodia was born of a desire to deliver Singapore standards of medical excellence to the people of Cambodia. Founded on the belief that everyone deserves reliable and quality medical care, SGMC focuses on a holistic and wellness approach.

With both the expertise and knowledge to deliver specialized patient care and evidence-based medical treatments, we not only treat and diagnose illnesses, but also give our patients the tools to achieve optimal health and wellness

Service hot line :

023 969 088 / 023 91 90 86 / 023 91 90 87 / 02391 90 89

Operating Hours : Mon-Fri (8:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Email :

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