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Compensation and Benefits Manager


HRINC (Cambodia) Co., Ltd   


Private Limited Company


Recruiting Services




Phnom Penh




Full Time

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Food & Beverages




Bachelor Degree




English-- Good   




Phnom Penh;

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Job Description

  • Pay Structure Management :
o Monitor market conditions and government regulations to ensure the company pay rates are current and competitive.
o Analyze data on wages and salaries and evaluate how the company’s pay structure compares with that of other competitors.
o Use the analyzed data to maintain and develop pay scale for the company.
o Work closely with the business functions; especially with the commercial, to establish pay-for-performance plans, which include guidelines for bonuses and incentive pay.
• Benefit Program Management :
o Manage the benefits program which includes retirement plans, leave policies, pensions, wellness programs, and insurance policies such as NSSF schemes, life and health insurance and other benefits applicable in the company.
o Design, evaluate and modify benefits policies to ensure that programs are current, competitive and in compliance with legal requirements.
• Internal Communication of Benefits and Compensation Program to Employees :
o Prepare and distribute both in writing and verbal manners to inform employees of compensations and benefits.
o Join the HRBP to conduct new employee induction to foster positive attitude toward company’s objectives.
o Work closely with the HRBP managers to organize a fresher induction of compensations and benefits program to employees annually.
• Employee Record Management :
o Maintain records and compile statistic reports concerning personal-related data such as hires, transfers, absenteeism rates.
o Ensure that all employee profiles are recorded properly.
• HR Budget & Payroll Administration :
o Work closely with the HRBP Mangers to prepare the budgets for FTE & HC and also the HR operations.
o Administer and manage the monthly payroll and ensure that salary is paid on time to the employees in the company.
o Ensure that FTE and HC reports are prepared on time for the management.
o Ensure that the contribution to NSSF is prepared on time.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor/master’s degree in human resource management, business administration or related fields.
• Minimum of 5 years of working experiences in compensation and benefits management
• Strong, effective and transparent delivery of communication with different stakeholders in the organisation, senior management, mid managers or employees.
• Ability to plan for and keep track of multiple projects and deadline
• Willing to continue building skills through training opportunities
• Strong problem solving, critical thinking and coaching
• Good communication and interpersonal skills
• Good people and analytical skills
• Hand-on experience with payroll system
• Knowledge of building compensation packages and short-term incentive programs for various departments and seniority levels
• Excellent understanding of job evaluation and job analysis systems
• Experience with employee satisfaction surveys
• Hands on experience with quantitative and qualitative research

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Contact Information

Contact Person

HONG Sokheng (Ms)


+855 (23) 211437




Building #10, Oknha Pich Avenue (Street 242), Sankat Chaktumok, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh

Company Profile

Service hot line :

023 969 088 / 023 91 90 86 / 023 91 90 87 / 02391 90 89

Operating Hours : Mon-Fri (8:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Email :

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