4 Top Tips To Improve Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Top Tip 1: CV Transformation – Traditional to Functional

Our first tip for the day is transforming your CV into a functional one. Now what this means is that

where in a traditional CV you would first list your work experiences or job history in chronological order,

the functional CV will focus more on what skills you have gained from those experiences. This will help

you to then actually determine what kind of industry or career you would like to go into based on what

your skill strengths. The skills would ideally be categorized into groups, e.g. computing skills,

organizational skills, reporting skills, etc.


Tip 2 – Emphasize Your Transferable Skills

Our second hot tip that we would like to share with you is related to your transferable skills. Now earlier

we mentioned that you could sell yourself really well by transforming your traditional CV into a functional

CV that will showcase your skills. Going back to those very skills, it is also important to highlight not

only specific skills, but also transferable skills that you could use anywhere regardless of previous job

or industry. So before you even think about applying for a new job, especially if you’re in the process

for going through a career change, is to actually do your very own skills evaluation so that you can

help to actually make yourself aware of your strengths and weaknesses. The skills evaluation will

also help you to determine your strengths and weaknesses, hopefully narrowing down the types

of jobs  or industries that you are looking to go into.

Top tip 3: Focus on the Field You are Drawn to Working in

Out top tips 3 for the day – focus on the positive aspects for your job change as opposed to

the negative. Now what this means is that in your interview, don’t get hooked on the reasons

why you left your previous employment, focus on what you have applied to work for that particular

company and what you expect to achieve form your time with the company. There are several

reasons why one would leave their job including bad working conditions, nightmare employer and

no real career progression opportunities. So in your interview you want to be highlighting what you

did previously and then focus on what you would like to get into in the new role and the kind

of direction that you would like to move in as part of your career progression opportunities within the company.

Top tip 4: Volunteer Work

Final tip for today is on building out your CV. To get any job you not only have to show enthusiasm for

the job but also that you have got the relevant experiences to be able to success in that job with

minimal support from your colleagues. Therefore, it is extremely important that you actively participate

in voluntary work and also freelance tor skills. This will not only build out your skillset but also your

work experiences with real businesses and at the same time show that you do have a business flair

as well as an entrepreneurial flair. This would also make the employer want to employ you because

they would be afraid that if you can have such a good client base from freelancing then you may end

 dominating their industry in the future, so they would be better off employing you to help them move forward.

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