Can I connect my Facebook account with CamHR?

Yes of course , you can login your Facebook with Camhr to make you more easier .

This function stand at the right of the first homepage, then you can see jobs announcement

and can create your CV easily.

***  After u click on this button as we showed above, then you'll see the next step as a picture below : 

***   this page means CamHR will recieve the following into your Facebook account as a public profile, and friends.

means CamHR system can connect your data into the system automatically. so it requires 

 you  to click on " OK"  button to show the next page as below: 


*** Note:  For this page it shows that you want to create your CV
 in CamHR website, but if you do not

have enough time you can skip it as alter by click the sign " Cross ", If you want to create your CV in

system just only click on the button " Create CV" . You can create CV that we

provided the sample.

After you connect with your facebook account it’ll provide the benefit to you such as:

*** You can see the contact information from the company


*** You can apply job more faster and easier with the Button “Apply Now”


*** You can Create online CV


Note: If you want to apply for job, you must create your CV in CamHR first. 

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