Attracting candidates

Armed with your job description and person specification, you are now ready to think about how you are going attract applicants for the job.


What is involved?

This part of the recruitment stage is where you spend time and resources attracting a suitable pool of candidates from which to make a selection. There are formal and informal methods of recruiting. Formal could include: printed adverts, external agencies, internet advertising, the Jobcentre and using education establishments. Informal includes word of mouth and referrals from existing members of staff.

Recruitment Advertising

he most common form of attracting candidates is through advertising.

Why is it important to get it right?

Recruiting staff can be a costly process, so it is important to get it right first time. If an advert is well written it can enable potential applicants to self-select, so that only those who truly have the required skills and qualifications make an application.

What should be in your advert?

The purpose of the advert is to attract suitable candidates and deter unsuitable ones. The sign of an effective advert is not necessarily determined by receiving a massive amount of replies; it could be better to receive a small number of good quality replies.Your advert needs to give the right amount of information. Too little or too much and some applicants may be put off applying. A very general advert could encourage a flood of applicants who don’t meet your requirements. The style and content of recruitment adverts can vary, but they should
include most, if not all, of the following information:

• name of employer

• what the organisation does and location

• job title

• brief description of job content

• job location "Jobs in Cambodia"
• minimum qualifications/experience (if needed)• unique selling points of job

• hours

• salary and benefits

• essential personal qualifies required

• response instructions – how you want candidates to apply and who to

• closing date.

Consider the following factors in your advert:

• if your organisation is well known, does it have a logo that can feature in the advert? This is particularly good if you are advertising in the press as it will make you advert stand out

• keep the text short and simple while giving the main aspects of the job

• avoid generalisations like ‘attractive salary’ or ‘appropriate qualifications’ which may discourage valid applications

• should the job title be the most prominent feature?

Where to advertise?

You do not always need to use local press, which can be costly – be creative! Think about where members of the local community gather or meet and where they could see your advert. Examples include: local post office, local shops, parish notice board, notice boards in schools or colleges, or on your own notice board.

Services for Young Children website

You can advertise free on our website. Just fill in the double-sided form and send it to us. The website receives over 1,500 visits per month to the job pages, so it’s an excellent way to get your job seen by local job seekers.

Jobcentre Plus

If you complete the relevant section on the reverse of this form we can send it to the Jobcentre on your behalf. Alternatively you can contact the Jobcentre directly to advertise your job (see below for contact details).

Advertising and Discrimination

In order to comply with equal opportunities legislation, it is important to consider the same things you would think about when writing a job description and person specification. Your advert should NOT include the following:

• suggestions that the vacancy is only open to persons of one sex, race, religion, marital status or age

• specification of a particular qualification without making it clear that comparable qualifications are also acceptable

• specification of a particular length of experience without justification

• terminology that could be considered discriminatory against an individual or group such as ‘dynamic’, ‘mature’, ‘energetic’, ‘must be mobile’, or ‘must be physically fit.’ Some other forms of attracting candidates

Using your networks/word of mouth

Think about who you know and who you come into contact with. This could include parents, staff and their relatives, other people who use your facilities, or local schools. Remember that word-of-mouth should be used in addition to other forms of attracting candidates like advertising and not used in isolation. Using this method of informal recruitment alone could be seen to be indirectly discriminatory by excluding those groupsnof people who may not be part of your network.


Colleges that offer childcare or playwork courses could be a ready source of newly qualified people. Each college should have a Career Co-ordinator who may be able to advise you how to contact suitable students. They should also have a notice board that you could advertise on. Students are often looking for work over the holiday period whilst they are studying. If you are looking to recruit for a holiday club or playscheme then you may find local universities or colleges a good source of seasonal staff. Recruitment agencies Specialised childcare recruitment agencies can help in all aspects of recruitment andwill often advertise, shortlist and interview on your behalf. However they can be expensive as they will charge a fee for their services. Agencies can also provide a source of qualified and CRB checked bank staff who can cover any short term or short notice staff shortages you may have.

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