Significant Role Of An Interviewers

An interviewer is entrusted with the task of choosing the appropriate candidate. He should
begin with preparing a list of qualities that he wants in a candidate. The art of choosing
candidate lies in finding those qualities in an interviewee through interaction.


Questions related to interviews should be specific to the task. Never generalize interviews. Most interviewers generalize interviews, and that can never help them to identify the right talent. Generalization begets ordinary talent. It will never help firms to scout for what they had been searching for. 
Some firms perform two step interview processes. The first step will have a general interview, which helps firms to filter best ones from average candidates. The second step will involve finding the best from the already filtered candidates. It engages specific task related interviews, and it helps firms to trace the right talent.

However, the two step interview process is only successful when the list of interviewees is large. The role of an interviewer may change according to the post for which interviews are being held. Hunting for right managers will involve different set of strategies than looking for ordinary employees. Again, hiring an insider for a top post is different from hiring someone from outside. Interviewers have to make a lot of adjustments while taking interviews in different situations.

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