First Time Interviewing Candidates?

If you're new at doing recruitment agencies, it can be a challenge. You might not be certain of how to act,

what to ask, etc. Here are some suggestions for the first-time interviewer.

Be Professional:


You represent the company and you're likely the sole representative the candidate will see. Being

professional means dressing the part,being respectful of the interviewee, and knowing how to act.

Don't be overly friendly or casual. Remember, it's your job to evaluate the candidate. Talking too much

is common when we're nervous so try to stay calm and relaxed.

Be Confident:

The interviewee should have absolutely no idea that you are doing your first job interview. Have all

your questions prepared and cleared with your supervisor. You must be aware which questions you

can and can't ask legally.
Take notes. It might seem clear in your mind, but after you've seen half a

dozen candidates, you might have a hard time remembering who's who. When a candidate arrives,

shake his or her hand, invite them to take a seat, and make sure you stay in control of the coversation.

Know What to Look For:

You will find out what type of person the interviewee is by his or her answers, and also by

how they act, how they reply, and how they listen. Pay attention to small details. Are they

listening when you speak? Do they ask intelligent questions? Are they interested in the

position and not just the salary? Knowing what to look for is as important as asking the right


Ask Useful Questions:

Ask questions that you genuinely want to know the answer to. Again, make sure they've

been cleared with the HR department and are legally all right to ask. Asking questions to

trick interviewers is disrespectful. If you want to know if they're a team player, if they have

good social skills if they are hard working, if they are willing to go above and beyond, ask

them through intelligently-worded open-ended questions. And listen to the answers.

Some great questions are:

- What skills do you think this position requires and do you have them?

- How would you describe your management style?

- What would you say you bring to a workplace?

- Elaborate of the work you did at ABC company. How did it help your career?

Do Informal Tests:

If a candidate says they are biligual and you speak the other language, switch to that

language and ask them a few questions to evaluate their comprehension, level of language

skills, and their proficiency to formulate sentences.
If they state that they are able to do something

or have a specific skill, ask them instances to show you how 
they've used their skill in the past.

Ask them for detailed examples of their abilities.

Being prepared and knowing what to ask and look for will give you the answers you are seeking

when you are evaluating candidates. Try to look at the big picture for the type of employee you are

looking for and whether the candidate in front of you is a good fit for your company. Project a postive

image, friendly but professional,and remember to relax and be confident. 


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