How to Hire an Employee with Higher Standards

1.     Review job histories: Hire staff "Recruitment Cambodia" with higher standards by reviewing

previous  job histories and considering how the employees behaved at past places of employment. Look

at whether he or she stayed at entry level or if the job candidate moved up the ranks.

2.     Contact references: A good resource to use when hiring an employee with higher standards is

listed references and past employers from his resume.

3.     Present your business well: Hiring staff with higher standards will be easier if your business appeals

 to those standards. Be sure to list any industry awards your company has received or accomplishments of

note in the description you post to attract job applicants and conduct yourself with professionalism and

confidence during the interview.

4.    Turn away late arrivals: An employee with high standards takes his job seriously and should treat the

application process the same way. Job applicants that show up late for interviews or don't follow the rules for

applying display a clear lack of high standards for themselves and their employment future.

5.     Assess personal appearance and behavior: How a job applicant presents himself and behaves in

an interview will give you a good indication of how high his standards are for himself and his job. 

    Ask about goals: Ask the potential new hire to describe his or her career goals and why he or she

wants to work for your company. Pay attention to answers about personal and industry goals or that indicate

that the job applicant wants to be the best.

Recruit in the right places: List job postings on industry job search sites and your company website.

Steer clear of general job boards and social networking job search pages, as these will attract lots of applicants

you'll have to weed through to find the ones with higher standards.

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