How to Say No To Your Boss

Saying no to a request can be a difficult thing, especially when the person making the request is your boss. Even

if you try your best to do everything the boss asks, there are times when you can't and have to say no. 

1. Give yourself some time to think about the request before immediately saying no.

- If the request arrives via email or some other means besides a phone or face-to-face conversation, don't

reply right away. Set the request aside and think about it for awhile.

- If your boss asks you in person or on the telephone, request some time to give it thought and tell her you

will get back to her by a specific time. 
Consider the request carefully to determine if it is really unreasonable and

whether you have to say no.

2. Prepare your answer before telling your boss no.

-  Anticipate questions she might ask in response to your no answer, and decide how you want to answer

Rehearse your conversation with your boss out loud to help build your confidence before the  real


3. Choose the right time and place to speak with your boss.

-  Have the conversation in private if your work situation allows you to get a moment alone with your boss.

-  Keep in mind your boss's workday pressures and work style. If she is a morning person and gets grumpy

in the afternoon, be sure to speak with her before lunch.

4. Pay your boss a compliment while denying her request.
If your boss is asking you to take on more 

responsibility, that shows you that she has faith in your ability to do the job "Job Khmer". Acknowledge that it

a lot to you that she trusts you to do the job before telling her that you feel you cannot do it. 

5. Tell your boss why you have to say no to the request.

-  Assuming that you have a legitimate reason for saying no, you have no reason to lie. Most employers

respect honesty in their employees and will be grateful that you answered honestly, rather than trying to take

on a project you cannot handle.

6. Offer an alternative solution.
For example, if your boss asks you to serve on a committee, suggest

someone else in the company that you think may be interested and capable of serving.

7. Try a compromise.
Perhaps you can't do exactly what your boss asks of you, but it might be possible

for you to do some of it. For example, maybe you could offer to share the workload with someone else.



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