Good strategy to attract the best candidates

If you want to attract the best candidates "Recruitment Agency in Cambodia" you have to really sell your
organization and role because simply 
putting it out there just won’t do. Stand out from your competitors in\
a way that sets you as the most reputable
/best employer so candidates would rather work for you.

Here are our four tips for attracting the best candidates:

1. Create an effective employee value proposition (EVP)

What sets your company apart from the competition? What type of corporate culture do your employees enjoy?
This is something you can emphasise in your brand message and all external communications. Other aspects
of an EVP can include; salary, benefits and the organisation’s stability in its market.

2. Make sure any development/promotion opportunities are advertised

When you’re promoting your vacancies it’s important you highlight what progression the role can offer. Job
searchers who know their skills are in demand can afford to be more selective in who they work for and if
they’re thinking about their career path in the long run, they’ll be more attracted to a role that allows them to
develop and progress.

3. Your employees are your best brand ambassadors, make sure they’re selling you

Your employees are one of the most effective ways of gaining a good (or bad) reputation. If they enjoy working
at your company then they’ll recommend you to others; word of mouth is still an effective form of securing a good
rep. So, if you’re not working to engage with your current employees, you’re also hindering your candidate attraction

4. Promote your organization’s values

If you use social media to engage with clients and customers, this is an ideal place to start promoting your
organization’s values. Use your website to host information like your corporate responsibility report and press
releases and links to any content you produce like a blog. Top performers will often research an organization
to ensure their values align; if the role suits them but the company doesn’t, they’ll look elsewhere.

It’s a good idea to determine what you believe your company’s attractions are before you create an attraction
strategy; if you’re not sure what your organisation stands for, how are you going to effectively convey it to an
external audience

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