How to Develop Positive Work Relationships

Work relationships are important for building a career and finding satisfaction in your job. To learn how to

develop positive work relationships, you must be willing to listen to co-workers, communicate openly, and

respect yourself and your co-workers. Building positive work relationships also involves compromising and

getting to know co-workers as individuals.


1. Employ active listening techniques.

To develop positive work relationships, it is important to listen closely to what your colleagues are saying.

Active listening techniques involve repeating back to the person who is talking what you heard him or her say.

This assures that you and your co-worker are on the same page. 

2. Allow for open communication.

Co-workers should be able to freely express their thoughts on work-related issues in a professional manner.

In team meetings or one-on-one sessions, co-workers should be encouraged to voice their opinions about a

project and express their ideas. Open communication is important for team building and increasing morale. If

you are a supervisor or director, it is your responsibility to establish an office culture in which employees feel

comfortable expressing themselves.

3. Be respectful of yourself and others.

When building positive relationships, it is important to act in a respectful manner. Be respectful to your

co-workers by listening to their positions and responding in a professional manner. Respect yourself by

staying in control of your emotions and using your best judgment when working towards conflict resolution

with co-workers. For example: If you are having a disagreement with a co-worker, take a few deep breaths

before responding or agree to discuss the issue at a later time so that you can walk away from the situation

and come up with an appropriate, professional response.

4Be willing to compromise 

The work environment requires that co-workers work together as a team. Compromise involves each party

getting something that he or she wants so that everyone wins. 

5. Get to know your co-workers on a personal level.

Cultivating relationships with your co-workers can improve work relations and improve your support system at

work. Participate in organization-wide volunteer programs, share personal interests during lunch, and find

opportunities " Find Jobs " to spend time with co-workers outside of the office.



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