8 Ways to Run More Effective Meetings

If you’re Employees Hate Meetings, It Could be because you’re Not Running Them Correctly. These tips

should provide some relief for leaders and staff who strive to make every meeting productive and interesting.

But at some point your employees or Employers will want to meet with you personally to discuss a raise, which

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1. Hold Other Meetings If Necessary

If issues come up that need to be addressed, don't be afraid to hold additional meetings. Sometimes

meetings bog down when more time or information is needed. When this happens, sometimes it’s best to

bring the discussions to a close and address the issue later. Most meetings become boring only when

people in attendance don't understand why the meeting is being held.

2. Review & Evaluate Regularly

It is wise to review progress regularly. Take time to review items before concluding a meeting. Determine

who is responsible for completing tasks. Lack of follow through is discouraging for staff and it hurts morale.

Seek feedback if it appears that meeting goals are not being regularly met. If goals are not being met, it may

be time to bring in a professional coach or facilitator.

3. Encourage Creativity

The agenda should always allow for flex time. This allows time for staff to be creative and spontaneous.

Encourage creative responses by asking questions. Listen actively to discussions and develop an atmosphere

conducive to thinking outside the box.

4. Be Flexible

Maintain control during meetings, but be flexible. The meeting should remain on track in order to achieve

its purpose, but new ideas should also be considered. Maintaining balance takes practice, but it is possible.

5. Set the Tone

Senior staff and leaders should model acceptable behavior at all meetings. Encourage communication,

but don’t be afraid to have fun. Levity and humor can be an effective way to encourage memory and participa

tion. Having a warm and genuine approach will lead to willing cooperation and collaboration from all staff


6.     Stay on Schedule 

It's best to always start meetings on time and avoid going over. This ensures everyone understands their

time is valued. This may necessitate beginning meetings before all parties are present until everyone is used

to meetings starting and concluding at set times.

7. Develop a Clear Purpose

Keep the purpose of the meeting in mind. Having a clear purpose and agenda will lead to better productivity

during staff meetings. If everyone is on the same page, chances are everyone will participate in problem-solving

and decision-making activities. Distributing the meeting agenda in advance can assist in ensuring that everyone

understands what the meeting is about and the time constraints involved.

8. Don't Make Meetings a Waste

Recent studies indicate many workers feel meetings are the number one time wasters in the business

world. In fact, this view is more prevalent when meetings are held on a regular basis. But meetings don't have

to be boring to be effective. Holding interesting meetings can actually energize and strengthen team members,

so here are a few tips to make future meetings more interesting.

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