How to Write a Cover Letter for a Banking Job

With many job seekers competing for open bank positions, a good cover letter can really give a job

candidate an edge for the job. Banks generally use human resources departments to skim through job

applications and pick out the best ones. A good cover letter can get a job seeker to an interview to get a

fair chance to show off skills and qualifications to a potential employer. Some good steps in the cover

letter writing process can help to develop a competitive letter that will put the applicant in the running for

an open position. Here are some helpful aspects of beginning to write a cover letter for a banking job.


1.     Focus the letter to the job at hand. A teller job cover letter is going to be different from a cover letter

for a role as a loan officer, financial counselor or manager. Make sure the letter is relevant to the specific



2.     Write an outline. An outline is a good way to start developing the ideas that will end up in a good

banking cover letter

-       Add references to applicable skills. Any experience with money or with security clearance can

be helpful for a banking job. Even if the previous experience with cash is in a different industry, like retail,

playing up money-handling skills can boost a cover letter and application.

-       List qualifications. An advanced degree can help with a banking job application. Other qualifications

include certifications related to financial work or security-related certifications, as well as customer service

certificates or awards.


3.     Develop cover letter structure. It's helpful to separate the cover letter into various parts like a begin

ning, middle and end and to start filling in the blanks with the relevant material from the outline.

-       Use bullet points or white space to showcase the ideas in the cover letter. Advanced resume professionals

often talk about drawing the eye of the reader to specific focal points of a cover letter or resume.


      4.     Strive for a professional tone. While writing out the banking cover letter, make sure that the tone is not

excessively casual or folksy. Remember that seasoned HR professionals will be reviewing it and write according


-       Talk about the right stuff. For a banking job, knowledge of the financial world is pretty important. Inclu

ding some good financial jargon in your cover letter can show the bank that you know your way around money,

not just in cash form, but as investments and elements of consumer banking like certificates of deposit, money

market accounts or mortgages.

5.     Eliminate typos and spelling/grammar errors. Go back over the letter and be sure to correct any

thing that's not right. Errors in a cover letter will distract the reader and possibly turn them off, and cover letters

with multiple errors can get tossed to the side.


6.     Cut down the letter to a good length. Remember, the readers of the cover letter will probably not have

all the time in the world. Practicing brevity will help cover letter writers get an edge.


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