How to Assess Your Chances during a Job Interview

Hate waiting by the phone after a job interview? This intuitive approach to reading your interviewer can

help you determine whether the job's a slam-dunk or whether you're more likely to have the door slammed

in your face.

1. Observe your interviewer carefully so you can read the signs that mean they have decided not to

employ you.
Take note of facial expressions, tone of voice, body language, and other cues.

- Act as you would usually do in an interview don't let on that you're trying to see if they are lying but if

you think they are just look for small signs like sweating or repetitive motions such as scratching their head or

rubbing their eyes.

- Check to see how many times the interviewer breaks eye contact with you as this may be a sign that

they don't feel confident in you.

2. Pay careful attention to compliments. Good interviewers will help you understand your strengths whether

they hire you or not, but false compliments may be a bad sign - for example, if you're mostly quiet in an interview

and they say you're articulate.

3. Watch for career advice towards the end of the interview - it might be a clue that you won't be offered

the job. Of course, it could also mean the interviewer is already trying to mold you into a great employee. Either

way, the person is giving you feedback after interviewing you - this is a golden opportunity to get a potential

employer's assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.

4. Listen for the "kiss of death." If the interviewer says something like "don't take it as a blow if you don't

get this job," it's likely that you should keep on looking.

5. Watch for signs of discomfort and dishonesty. If the interviewer wipes their palms on their suit before

shaking hands, the interviewer may be nervous, too. This could be a sign of dishonesty - or the person might

just be hot and uncomfortable. By this time, you should have a good idea which applies.

6. Ask! If you can't read the interviewer at the end of the interview, work up your courage, smile, and look

him in the eye, and ask directly: "I appreciate your taking the time to interview me. How did I do?" The

interviewer's face will probably reveal the answer. Don't press too hard, and be gracious whether the news

is good or bad.




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