How to Tell if Your Interview Went Well

It can feel awful after an interview, not knowing how you have performed and whether or not there were things you could have done better. All the same, there are some signs that can indicate a good interview. Even if you don't get the job, you can rely on these positive signals as a means for boosting your confidence for future interviews.

1. Consider how long the interview lasted. If it went for longer than scheduled, this is an excellent sign that they liked you and were happy to continue talking with you.
2. Consider whether you were shown around the building. This can be an excellent indicator that they want you to know more because they're seriously considering you.
3. Consider whether your were introduced to other team members. Workplaces don't like to disturb their workers without good reason, and introducing you can be a very good sign they intend to include you.
Review questions that the interviewer asked you. The following are all positive indicators:
- The interviewer asks you about your availability.
- The interviewer asks you about your salary expectations.
- The interviewer asks you to return for another round of interviews.
View how the interviewer behaved. If the interviewer takes time to answer your questions in full, this shows that they consider you to be worthy of the time investment. If the interviewer spends time trying to sell the advantages and the position to you, this is also a great indicator of interest in you. Other helpful signs can include:
- The interviewer demonstrates positive body language – e.g. smiling, good eye contact and nodding.
- The interviewer gives you clues about their professional and personal lives.
- Your interview covers topics beyond the science job description.
- The interviewer reveals their frustration with the previous job holder
4. Review the time-line they set. If you are given a clear time-line of when a decision will be made, this can be a helpful sign.
5. Post interview, consider the behavior of the interviewer. If you hear from your references that the interviewer has contacted them, then they're seriously considering you.

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