How to Create a Character Interview

Character Interviews are used by many fiction writers. They help create original, fresh, new characters,

and the writer is able to get to know them better, and are therefore able to write about them more completely.

You can find many character interviews online, but sometimes it's best to make your own.

1. Think about the character you are creating it for.
 Is it a main character, a supporting character, or

only a minor one? If the character you are trying to get to know is only a minor character, you will not need to

know unimportant things, such as their favorite color or favorite food.

2. Once you know what character you are interviewing, think of questions that will benefit you and

help you write your story.
 While you may not use all of the information from the interview in your book, you can

save time by only asking important questions.

3. If you are interviewing the antagonist or protagonist, it is best to think of more questions. These

are the two most important characters in your book, you need to know them like you know yourself.

4. Create a list of about 10-12 good, quality, questions. While this is just a suggestion, this is usually a

good goal to reach for. If the questions are just right, the author will have enough information about the character,

without having too much extra.

5. When conducting the interview, answer as though you are the character. This will get you more in

their mindset, and help you understand them better. Some answers may be short, while others may end up being

paragraphs long!


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