What kind of people should we pick for our job reference?

Job reference are important that can be the deciding factor in whether you can get a job offer or not, so before you apply a new job, you must choose the reference people carefully. 

Below you will find some recommendation whether which people should you choose for your job recommendation.
1. Your Professors
If you are a college or freshly graduated student, I would like to recommend your professors that teaching in a field related to the job you are applying for your job reference. Your professors will speak best about your study and attitude in classroom.
2. Your friends (But maybe need a professional)
You probably difficult to request someone for your reference because maybe you don’t have a good relationship with him or her or it is a first time that you are applying job. But did you remember about your old friends? Maybe now your old friends are working for Supervisor or Middle manager level in one company, so please do not hesitate to contact him or her. If you are so lucky, maybe your friends can recommend a position in his or her working company. 
3. Your recent managers
Current or your previous manager speaks best about your working performance. Mostly, when someone leaves from company, most of them never want to request reference from his or her manager to apply at new company. Maybe they think that they do not want their manager to know they are looking for a new job.
4. Your Colleague
If you don’t want to use your manager in your reference list, your colleague who is familiar with your work and work directly with you is the best one. However, you also remember that; please do not use your friend that does not know about your job responsibilities, because it won’t give you the professional reference for you.


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