How to Find a Job Working from Home

Many people are overwhelmed with finding a work-at-home job. Hundreds of real work-at-home jobs are

out there, as well as hundreds of scams. The following information is

1. Check with CamHR Website ( The reasoning behind this is have a daily new job

maybe more than 3,000  everyday. Many company that recruitment staff such as Sale, Customer Service

 Officer, Finance, Teller, Operation....etc,. 

2. Sign up in CamHR Website. The more you sign up for, and monitor...the better your chances of finding a

legit job. Chances are you could land a job before the week is over.

3. Prepare a stunning portfolio of your own work. Don't have much of a portfolio? Create one. If you enjoy

writing, put together a few articles. If you enjoy design, create a few business cards or logos. You get the idea.

4. Apply for multiple jobs. Be patient and see what the feedback is. Be open to criticism or advice from the

employee's feedback. Make sure you offer prompt responses


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