How to Write a Job Description for an Intern

Internships provide on-the-job experience for those looking to develop a career in a particular area. Many

companies and organizations hire interns because they work for free, or for low salaries, in exchange for the

experience and contacts they can develop. Internships can be part-time or full-time, and take place over the

summers or during the school year. Write a job description for an intern that will take into account the needs

of your company, and the valuable work experience that can be provided for the intern.

Detailing Key Tasks and Responsibilities

1. Start with the title. The first thing on the job description for an internship should be the title of the position.

Try to be specific to ensure that you attract people with the appropriate skills and interests. For example, you

may be looking for a Marketing Intern, a Research Intern, or an Administrative Intern.

2. Introduce your company. Under the title you should include a few sentences that give a picture of your

company. Briefly outline your company’s purpose and aims in a way which will draw in potential applicants.

3. Describe the role. Next you need to give a brief description of the role you are advertising. This should just

be a short paragraph that summarizes the sort of tasks the intern will be working on. This need only be a few

sentences, but should cover the primary functions and give an idea of the general purpose of the internship.

4. Outline the intern’s responsibilities. The section on the specific tasks and responsibilities of the intern is

the most important part of the job description. Here you will precisely detail what the intern will be doing. Write a

list of tasks in bullet points. It is common to put the most important, or the thing the intern will spend most of her

time doing, at the top. Use active language and be as clear and concise as possible. 

Outlining the Required Skills

1. State any necessary qualifications. You should start the second section by stating if there are any specific

qualifications required for the internship. This will vary by the field you are in and the type of internship you are

looking to fill. Bear in mind that internships are often a way to gain work experience while studying for a particular

career, so you may wish to specify that the applicants should be working towards a particular qualification.

2. Describe the required skills. After detailing any specific qualifications, you should have a section in which

you can describe the kind of candidate you are looking for. Concentrate on the specific skills, but also mention

personal characteristics that you think are important to work in your company. For example, it may be important

to be a good communicator, but it is also important to be flexible and adaptable. 

3. Highlight any required experience. In some instances you may be looking for an intern who already has

some experience working in your field. This might be the case if you are working in a technical business or a

potentially dangerous environment, where knowledge of machinery or safe working practices are essential.

Attracting Interns

1. Provide essential information. You should provide all the essential information the applicant should know

in a clear list at somewhere on the job description. It’s important to be transparent from the start so the applicant

fully understands what they are applying for. 

2. Sell your company. Interns often do a lot of work for little or no money, so it’s important that you demonstrate

that you are interested in the intern’s professional development and your company has a history of successful

internships. Include a section at the end in which you can highlight the benefits to the intern. Start it with a brief

summary of the history of your intern programmes.

3. Explain the benefits for the intern. After expressing how seriously your company takes internships, you

should specify the benefits to the potential interns. Write out a list which presents what the intern will learn through

the experience. This should be related to the list of tasks and responsibilities. 

4. Outline the application and selection procedure. At the end of your document you should include all

necessary information on the application procedure and schedule. State how you wish candidates to apply, if you

have an application form or would like resumes and cover letters. Make it clear if you want any further documents,

such as a writing sample, letter of recommendation, or portfolio.

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