How to Work with Someone Who Hates You

Interacting with others is inevitable in most work places. Unfortunately, you will occasionally come across

a co-worker who rubs you the wrong way. It's important to know how to work with someone on a professional

level, even if your personal relationship with that person is strained. Through learning to navigate the office to

coping with the situation emotionally, there are a variety of ways to deal with working with someone you just do

not get along with.

Navigating the Office

1. Try to limit interactions. While it's not always possible to completely avoid a co-worker, you can strive to

keep interactions as infrequent as possible. Simply avoiding interaction is probably the easiest way to cope.

2. Be nice to the offending person. Many psychological studies indicate that it's very difficult to dislike some

one who likes you. If your co-worker feels you respect and like him or her, some of the dislike he or she may have

towards you might fade.

3. Separate your work life from your personal life. If you have trouble interacting with a particular colleague,

try to separate your work life from your personal life. You do not have to socialize with colleagues outside of work.

If the co-worker who dislikes you is frequently part of Friday night happy hours, forego these events and seeing

the friends you know from outside work.

4. Report the situation if it gets out of hand. You do not want to report behavior unnecessarily. However, you

should certainly report any behavior that's interfering with your ability to do your job. Talk to Human Resources if

the situation gets out of hand.

Coping Emotionally

1. Keep a healthy perspective. Emotionally, keeping a healthy perspective is one of the best ways to cope

with a negative co-worker. Stay focused on your larger dreams and career goals. Avoid getting caught up in

petty workplace drama.

2. Detach from the situation emotionally. While it's easier said than done, sometimes the best way to deal

with a negative situation is to find a way to remove yourself emotionally. Try to simply ignore the behavior by

refusing to react to it.

3. Find a support system outside of work. Whatever you do, do not bad talk your co-worker to other people

in the office. This will not only reflect poorly on you, it can easily get back to your co-worker and make the

situation worse.

Analyzing the Situation

1. Consider your co-worker's perspective. While it might be difficult to accept, there could be something

you're doing to make your co-worker dislike you. Try to consider your co-worker's perspective to see if there's

been any bad behavior on your part.

2. Review past interactions with the co-worker. Carefully review any past interactions you've had with

your co-worker. Sometimes, people dislike others for a single bad interaction. There may have been something

you said or did that's fueling the dislike.

3. Evaluate your stress level. Be honest with yourself about how much the situation is bothering you. If

you're unable to separate your work life from your private life, it may be time to look for another job. Be aware,

however, that difficult people exist in every profession. If difficult co-workers really get to you, it might be a good

idea to see a therapist about managing your overall stress.



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