How to Analyze Your Skills and Job Options

Want to be an astronaut or a baker or a carpenter? Perhaps you'd prefer to be a chef or a pilot or a

successful entrepreneur? Choosing your options is never going to be that easy; what you need is to collate the

things you are good at with the things you enjoy doing and then see where that leads you. Analyze your skills

first, think about what you want to use, then choose your job options. Think about your life, and your future, and

like a tree, see where the branches lead to from what you have done, and what you still want to do with your life.

1. Analyze your skills by listing your top ten achievements or career events that you are most proud

You should do this by looking at your achievements, which are your richest source of information providing

concrete and tangible evidence of what you have done so far. Use an active verb at the beginning of the phrase,

and you’ll hear how much more powerful it sounds.

2. Ask yourself exactly what you did (try: where did I start?) Then think about what happened next (or

perhaps - what did I say?).

3. Consider what skills you used when you did the thing you achieved (how did I do that? What did I

need to do it?) You'll end up with very clear statements of your real capabilities.

4. List all of your skills so you can rate them for transferability; most of your skills will transfer to

another job quite easily.
 Think not just "how good am I?" but ask "how much do I enjoy this?" The skills that

score most highly on both counts are your most transferable skills and you will be able to use them in many

different settings. Write them down (score them out of 10 then add up); the highest skills analysis scores are

the ones you can use in your self-marketing statements to best effect.

5. Draw yourself a square box. Divide this box into four by drawing a horizontal line across the middle and

a vertical line up through the middle. The horizontal line we're going to call "Enjoy Doing" with a scale running

from left to right. The vertical line we're going to call "Good At" with the scale running from bottom to top; what

we've got now is a 2 x 2 quadrant so admired by MBAs.

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