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Lot #1659, Hanoi Road(1019), Banlasaeut village, Khmougn Quarter Khan SenSok, Phnom Penh Cambodia

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Thy Mean Heng is a family owned business with the origin from Battambang, the northern province of Cambodia. In 1995, Depot Thy Heng started feed business and later on gaining a strong ground and reputation as an exclusive dealer in the province. Because of networking with Thai businessmen Thy Heng started to import other agricultural equipment from Thailand ranging from fertilizers to tractors for agriculture purposes.
In the year 2011, with 16 years of experience and strong passion in feed business, Depot Thy Heng moved up outside its home province to look for further business opportunity. That was when the journeys to various feed-mill companies started, including Thailand and Vietnam visits. The journeys to foreign countries were aimed to look for potential partner and De Heus-Feed-Mill was one of those which was later on becomes its future partner. In the mid-2011, Thy Mean Heng (TMH) a legal entity was set up following the exclusive agreement with De Heus, the experienced feed producer from the Netherlands. And after successful import cooperation for 7 years, both partners TMH and De Heus have agreed to establish partnership in the form of a new Joint Venture Company (JVC) with each other in 2018. The new JVC was named De Heus TMH Co., Ltd which is specialized in Animal Feed Production in Cambodia.
The establishment of this Joint venture, together with the investment of the slaughterhouse in Cambodia will provide De Heus and TMH with more physical presence in the market and enable to produce standard-quality -animal feed directly in Cambodia. The goal of the project is to set up a feed mill, one of the modern, hygienic and professional feed mills in Cambodia. This feed mill will comply with and aim to achieve ISO 22000.

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