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Phnom Penh

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Building No.33, Street 2004, Sangkat Ou Baek K'am, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Hanuman Beverages is the Cambodian beverage master who commits to creating best-in-class beverages that innovate new tastes for the Cambodian people. With an investment of over 160 million US dollars, creating direct and indirect employments for over 1,000 people whilst supporting thousands more external stakeholders, Hanuman Beverages is committed to contributing to the economic growth of Cambodia. With our passion, we will be sure to make a positive mark on the beverage industry in Cambodia.

Company Jobs

Job Title Location Closing Date
Tax Officer Phnom Penh;  Dec-11-2021
Manager- Procurement & Supply Phnom Penh;  Jan-05-2022
Promotional Controller Phnom Penh;  Dec-11-2021
Officer- Account Receivable (Phnom Penh) Phnom Penh;  Jan-06-2022
Officer- Account Payable (Phnom Penh) Phnom Penh;  Jan-06-2022
Safety Officer Phnom Penh;  Jan-06-2022
Messenger/ អ្នករត់ឯកសារ (Phnom Penh) Phnom Penh;  Jan-02-2022
Supervisor- IT Digital Phnom Penh;  Jan-02-2022
Supervisor- Database Administrator Phnom Penh;  Jan-06-2022
Officer- Account Payable (Province) Kampot;  Battambang;  Kampong Cham;  Dec-26-2021
Officer- Account Receivable (Provinces) Kampong Cham;  Battambang;  Kampot;  Dec-26-2021
Officer- Fleet Kampong Cham;  Battambang;  Dec-30-2021
Senior - Web Application Development Phnom Penh;  Dec-30-2021
Supervisor- IT Security and Compliance Phnom Penh;  Dec-11-2021
Officer- Mobile Developer (Phnom Penh) Phnom Penh;  Dec-22-2021
Manager - Sales Operations Phnom Penh;  Dec-26-2021
Supervisor- Chinese Channel Development Phnom Penh;  Kampot;  Battambang;  Dec-24-2021
Material Management Officer Phnom Penh;  Dec-11-2021
Purchasing Officer Phnom Penh;  Dec-11-2021
Demand Planning Manager Phnom Penh;  Dec-29-2021
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Service hot line :

023 969 088 / 023 91 90 86 / 023 91 90 87 / 02391 90 89

Operating Hours : Mon-Fri (8:00 am to 5:30 pm)

Email : jobs@camhr.com.kh